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The Big Switch

by on Mar.16, 2009, under Reviews

Nicholas Carr’s 2008 book “The Big Switch:  Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google” follows up after his earlier book “Does IT Matter?” claimed that information technology is becoming a commodity like electricity and IT doesn’t matter anymore:  it no longer provides a competitive advantage.  ”The Big Switch” claims that computing is turning into a utility and the use of computers is undergoing a transformation similar to what happened when the production of electricity was centralized.  Currently most companies have their own data centers just as factories used to have their own electrical power generators but in the future nearly all computing will be supplied by utilities like the data centers that have emerged at Amazon, Google, and other next-generation internet service providers. (continue reading…)

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Functional Programming on the Rise

by on Dec.07, 2008, under Reviews

According to Michael Swain, Editor at Large of Dr. Dobb’s Journal, a paradigm shift is underway and functional programming is “on the verge of becoming a must-have skill.”  In the cover story of the January, 2009 issue of Dr. Dobb’s Journal, “It’s Time to Get Good at Functional Programming” Swain argues that functional programming is better suited to parallel computation than procedural and object-oriented programming and will be needed to more fully exploit multi-core and multi-CPU computer systems.

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